Saturday, May 2, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins!

Fat Free Vegan's Susan V. makes great muffins- this morning it was her Banana-Date-Walnut muffin recipe. But tweaked.
  • No dates- not on hand, could use raisins instead,
  • No walnuts- hubs doesn't like, and they're fatty when I don't want that at breakfast
  • Use white whole wheat and regular whole wheat instead of regular flour. More fiber, more filling
  • Add 6 chocolate chips per muffin- put a little batter in the sprayed pan, then add chips, then cover to bury them. It's about 3 T. that you add to the recipe total, adding only 17 calories per muffin.
  • Don't heat the oven until you've mixed everything, and let the batter sit. I got that recommendation from Isa on Post Punk Kitchen- it lets the gluten strands form and you get a higher rise/lighter batter, which can be harder to obtain in vegan goods. She used it with pancakes, and now I'm doing it with all baked goods.
  • Spray the pan with oil so they don't stick!
Result- Muffins that taste like cupcakes, fill you up, and only clock in at 150 calories! Enjoy!

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