Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Health Manifesto

I wanted to write one post about how I've changed my health, my relationship with food, and my current diet guidelines. It could act as an introduction or reference for you, and will help me by making me write all my good ideas down. And I'll keep track of my weight

In March 2009, I was 175 pounds, 5'4", and 26 years of age.
May 2009, I'm now 161 pounds.

  • I count calories.
  • I use measuring bowls that I keep on the counter, from 2 cups to 1/8 cup. They are cuter than measuring cups, stay tidy, and help me measure all my portions.
  • I use the CalorieKing Diet Diary for Palm OS. I can total up my calorie total in about 2 minutes because of the 30,000 food database and my saved personal recipes. I think of it as a food budget, telling me how many calories I have left for the rest of the day.
  • To keep calorie counts lower (between 300-600 calories per meal)
    • I replace most of the starches with vegetables, and cook without oil or just spray oil.
    • Oils are kept to 1-2 tsp if needed, for frying spices or sauteing garlic.
    • I only eat 1/2 to 1 cup starches per meal. I tend to eat twice as many veggies as starch or protein, because fiber and protein keep you full.
  • Broiling and steaming are underused and amazing ways to cook fresh tasting food quickly.
    • Broiled teriyaki tofu and steamed broccoli is a go-to, 15 minute dinner.
  • Learn how to eyeball portions of calorie dense foods, it will help you when you go out.
Behavior, Mood, and Exercise:
  • I've been using Beck Diet Solution to help me break bad behaviors and use my brain and not my emotions to eat better. Dr. Judith Beck is a cognitive behavior researcher at Penn and wrote a book based on her results. If you've failed other diets because of negative thinking or loss of self control, I recommend this book.
  • I exercise, and on the days I do, I eat better and feel better about myself. I've always been a mood eater, so this has helped and will continue to help my eating.
  • I use Comcast Exercise TV On Demand. I get free exercise videos any time I want, about 300 in total, and they have made me love exercise.
  • I have never been an athelete. I like dancing, hiking, biking, and that's it.
  • My favorite type is Cardio Interval, or Cardio mixed with strength training. I get muscle tone, which helps raise my metabolism, and some aerobic training in 20-30 minutes.
  • I have re-thought running, which I always hated. As of May 2009, can run one, walk one block about 10 times without dying. I'm hoping to be able to run solid about 25 minutes before grad school because it is such an effiecient way to exercise.
That's it for now. I'll re-post as I add or change behaviors. Thanks!

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