Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nacho Bowl

It has taken a long time to find a cheese sub I like enough to use for nachos. This make more of a nacho dip to eat with chips, but it fills the void.
  • Make the Mac and Broccoli Sauce and add 2-3 pickled jalepeños. Blend.
  • Heat sauce in a small pan- remember it has raw tofu, so it should be cooked before consuming.
  • Heat up some refried beans (many are now fat free and vegan), and add adobo sauce or chipotle powder. I like them hot, so I add adobo and maybe blend in a whole chipotle from the can if I'm really craving it. Also, you could make the Adobo Sauce from Vcon, and add to your nacho bowl. Very good!
  • Serve together in a bowl, with whatever toppings you like. 
  • I had red peppers, tomatoes, salsa verde and some Tapatío hot sauce. I would have had fresh cilantro, but I'm in danger of killing the plant if I don't let it grow some more. 
  • Find some Baked Blue Corn chips. I've seen Garden of Eatin' and Traders Joes, and they are AMAZING. They don't taste like mushy baked chips and they're about 120 calories for 19 chips. 19! That's great!
There's a margarita I really like from a local Mexican place, and I always eat too much when we go there. So we save it for special things. But sometimes I really want that sweet-tart with my spicy food. Tonight I did, and I tried a substitute.
  • Find some fancy grapefruit soda, add 8-9 oz to a glass, mix in half a shot of tequila, and add a lime or orange slice. 
  • Bingo! All the flavor, smaller serving and way, way cheaper. It would make a good party drink too. Around 150-170 calories per glass. Add ice and you'll stretch it farther. 
Note the Quick n' Dirty label- I'll put that on my posts that take very little thought and have a lot of pantry staples. No chips? Try rice, quinoa, or polenta. 

Tomorrow night it's Quinoa, Zukes and Chickpeas with leftover Mac/Nacho Sauce. I've got a rehearsal so it's eat and run.

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  1. Sounds so yummy! I'd love one of those just about now. . . and great idea re: the margarita.

    Welcome to the world of blogging--I know you'll love it!


    PS--just thought I'd mention that the link you have to my blog is actually my old site--the new one is . :)